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Amanoana Aegaki Amane Reproduction Sign with Colored Paper Acc se dolls epting Reservations
【Please note】About double payment
Thank you very much for using “Adult Market”.

After you choose [Cash on Delivery] as the payment method, proceed to
[Credit Card Payment] Since it is increasing after ordering Please be careful.

If you wish to pay credit, select [Credit Card Payment] on the order scr aex doll een Please make sure you did it.

I chose [Credit card payment] Please proceed to the credit card payment form only for those customers.

I know if it is difficult to get rid of the credit card payment form on the system can confuse customers.
We will improve as much as possible to und sex emulator all erstand, so thank you for your understanding.
Added a new product.
【Bank transfer】Notice of change of bank account
Thank you very much for using “Adult Market doll body ”.
Due to the circumstances of the Company, we will change the bank account to be transferred as follows.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but thank you very much for your response.

■Former Bank Transfer Account
Financial Institution Name: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (0009)
Branch Name: Iidabashi Branch (888)
Account Number: () 6540037
Account Name: KA) Total Media Agency

■New Transfer Account
Financial Institution Name: PayPay Bank (0033)
Branch Name: Business Sales Department (005)
Account Number: () 6080727
Account Name: KA) Total Media

During May, you can transfer your old account as well.
※For customers who have registered an account, we
apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for changing your registration.
※If you have any questions, etc., please contact us.
GW sale is being held!!!
From today to May 9 (Mon) “GW
will be held ♪ It is a great deal deal as lon male real life dolls g as stock, so please buy it by all means on this occasion!!

*Please note that if an initial defect occurs on sale products, you may not be able to exchang high quality sex doll e them.
Added new products such as Satisfire.
Member information

Thank you very much for your patronage of the adult market on a sexdoll for sale daily basis.

We will inform you that there are some changes to the member information that has been taken over from the old adult market.

Member ID → Enter email address
old You have entered a member ID in the adult market, but you will be logged in by entering [email address+ erotic dolls password] on the
renewal site.

Change the number of password characters specified by 8 characters Due to the relationship, customers who have registered a password of 8 characters or less in
the old adult market are not successfully completed Thank you very much.
We are very sorry to trouble you, but please contact us from the following inquiry form.

【 Contact Support Center】
Phone: 0120-622-223
(Weekday reception hours 10:00 to 18:00)

We are very sorry for the sudden change.
Thank you for continuing to visit the adult market in the future.
Announcement of renewal opening

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of the adult market.

I reopened the adult market website this time!
In commemoration
of the renewal, let us guide you a great deal campaign with gratitude to customers who ordered during the secx simulator period I'll give you it.

【Campaign Period】
March 18 (Fri) to May 9 (Mon), 2022

【Campaign contents】
① emotional lotion gift (ends as soon as it runs out)
Free shipping usually over 5,500 yen (tax inc dollssex luded), Free shipping for orders over 2,000 yen (tax included) during the campaign period!

Please take this opportunity to use the boosted adult market.
We sincerely look forward to your use.
RANKING Sales Rankings
Recommended products Recommended products

Welcome to the shop specializing in cheap sex toys, where you can find any adult goods!

Our shop includes adult goods such as lotions, vibrations, rotors, and anal goods, bondage, SM goods to lingerie costumes. With non latex vibrators the largest assortment of over 9000 online mail order, it is an adult goods shop where you can find any adult toys!
Handling products are offered at cheap mail order prices ranging from 40% to 90% OFF for all items!
In addition, the products you ordered will be shipped to Japan on the next business day with the desired product name male silicone sex doll such as daily goods and cosmetics! Of course, it is strictly confidential and shipped at the post office is also OK. You can buy adult goods with confidence that no o se doll robot ne knows.

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