phone order

About phone orders

Please check before calling.

We will ask the following contents from the operator.

  • Product code*
  • color (if needed)
  • Product price including tax
  • points
  • your name
  • Postal code/address
  • Your phone number
  • Carrier Desired /Delivery Date

If you have prepared it before you place an order, we can provide a smooth response.
*In the case of phone order, in principle, it will be ordered with the product code.
Please note that we do not accept orders by product name.


  • Please call us by number notification to prevent unwanted calls. (*In case of non-notification setting, we may not be able to accept it)
  • In case of phone order, we ask for customer information each time to prevent trouble.
  • When inquiring, we will only answer questions related to business such as order, confirmation of shipment, initial defect, and any questions about the product. Please understand that we may not how much does a real doll cost be able to respond depending on your questions.

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